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Training and Coaching on the Sunshine Coast

We Tri offers training and coaching for Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, as well as those wanting to improve strength and cardio fitness, lose weight, and generally feel great about themselves.

We believe that exercise is the best medicine, and endurance exercise is just a bigger, better dose!

We don’t require any club membership to get started with us, members of other tri clubs and visiting athletes are very welcome at any of our sessions (bookings required of course).

Check out our group timetable, book online, or contact us to book your private sessions.

We Tri are official retailers of Garmin training technology.

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We Swim

We take an approach that takes into account your current level of ability, injury history, and goals to help you become a better swimmer.

We Bike

We provide a supportive enviroment to get you on the way to being a better, fitter cyclist.  Structured and social sessions available.

We Run

We take an approach that takes into account your current level of ability, injury history and goals to help you become a better runner.

We Train

We train to get stronger, lose weight, and prevent injuries. We want you to get the most out of your body, and having a strong, balanced, injury free body is a great start to a healthy life.

We Plan

Fail to plan and you’re planning to fail!  We offer training plans that take into account your individual goals and needs.  No two athletes are the same, and no two training plans should be either.  Every training plan we produce is individually customised to suit the athlete.

We Recover

We recover to prevent injuries and maintain peak performance. Massage therapy can increase joint range of motion and flexibility and
decreases muscle tension and spasms.

Tri Tech

We offer a range of equipment and technology…

We Fuel

We fuel with nutrition from Clif and Macro Mike…

We Tri Apparel

We Tri training and lifestyle apparel….

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We want to get to know how we can help you achieve your goals!