Welcome to our Triathlon Club

We Tri – Training and Coaching are an affiliated Triathlon Australia Club, catering for all ages and levels.  Long Course is our specialty, whether you’re training for your first Triathlon, or your 20th IRONMAN, you’re welcome in our group.

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About Our Club

Founded in 2016 by Aaron Belsham and Katrice Ward, We Tri – Training and coaching started out as a boutique Triathlon Squad, specialising in Stroke Correction, Swim Squads, and Running Training.

Wanting to expand our reach, we affiliated with Triathlon Australia in 2019, and provide an inclusive club environment for everyone from beginners to experienced athletes.

We Tri is all about everyone being involved, and constantly looking to find our limits and push ourselves to reach our goals together.

Our club environment provides accountability, friendships, and a safe environment to learn and hone skills, build fitness and learn just how much we are all really capable of.

Find New Adventures

(Rod says we're going that way!)

Weekly long rides over challenging and different terrain with good company mean you’ll never get bored of riding the same loops.

Social Group Sessions

Training hard is more fun with friends!  We run multiple group sessions every week, from formal Squad Sessions to informally organised social sessions.

Most sessions split into groups based on ability and goal races, most group sessions have a beginner, intermediate and advanced level session happening simultaneously.

Whether you’re conquering your first ocean swim, running your longest run, or clipping into your bike for the first time, with our group there’s someone there for you every step of the way.

Not to mention, it’s nice to be around people that make your craziness seem normal!

Travel and Race With Friends

Each year we choose 2-3 destination races.  in 2020 we are doing IRONMAN New Zealand in March, IRONMAN Australia in May, and Hervey Bay 100 in November, full training plans and group sessions are specifically tailored for these events.

Find Your Finish Line

The only thing that beats that finish line feeling is that finish line feeling with all your friends cheering!

The IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 finish line is the achievement of the biggest goal many of us will ever achieve in our lives, if you’re finishing in first place, or the last finisher of the day, your club mates are there to cheer you over the line.

Many people start with the big goals, you’re more likely to turn that big goal into a big achievement when you’ve got the accountability and support of your Tri Club behind you.

Is the swim holding you back?

Aaron is a Swimming Australia Licensed Coach and has a reputation as one of the most patient and understanding Adult Swimming Teachers around - we've got you!
We can help you literally take your first stroke in the pool, right through to hitting the open water with confidence.
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Phone Aaron 0474 197 975 or Katrice 0427 522 099
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