In this episode, Aaron sits down with Rebekka Frazer from Fuel Your Life, a national Dietetics company.  Rebekka is highly qualified with a Masters Degree and and additional 2 years of specific Sports Dietetics training, and has worked with many high performance teams and endurance athletes.

Learn about common myths like:

  • Is Keto/Fat Adaptation the best for my performance?
  • Will carbs make me fat?
  • Will sports drinks give me diabetes?
  • Are BCAAs needed during rides/runs?
  • Do I need to fuel during workouts?
  • Is leaner always better?
  • Can I avoid runners gut?
  • Do I need to drink during swim training?

Also learn what a sports dietitian can do for your performance as an endurance athlete.

Here’s a link to the sheet of the myths we busted:

Here’s some sources that explain a couple of the positions:

  1. This one is a link to the AIS website showing BCAAs as a Category C supplement (it was previously Category B up until recently) and explains why they aren’t beneficial to performance in endurance sport:
  1. This one is a link to a British Journal of Sports Medicine Consensus Statement on RED-S for further reading about the condition and how it affects all major organ systems in the body: