WE TRI PODCAST: 71 Years of Inspiration in 50 Minutes. Graham Webb 71 year old (vegan/plant based) Triathlete. I’m going to be sitting down with some every day inspirational people roughly once to twice a month to put out stories that are a bit different to your usual “here’s a pro to be inspired by” triathlon type stories. Here I sat down with Graham Webb to chat about Triathlon at 71, and his inspiration and how we’ve helped him as a group. Graham is super intelligent, and throws a bunch of great thoughts and ideas around meditation, triathlon preparation, beating diabetes and lots more! Graham is very inspirational having beaten Type 2 Diabetes, and having only taken up Triathlon at the young age of 68! We are working to change how age groupers view IRONMAN Training, from being an obsessive-compulsive sufferfest, to being something you can manage within your day to day life while maintaining balance!