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We offer cycling training on a wind trainer, or closed road/carpark environment only, there are no formal sessions held on the road at this time.

Are you looking for independent advice on your bike setup for Triathlon, or Road Cycling?  We can help with that, and are not affiliated with any brand of cycle store, so can be impartial, and potentially save you a lot of money!

We have 2 social sessions held each week leaving Mooloolaba for roughly 100-140km on Saturdays and Sundays, these are strictly ride at your own risk, we recommend you have your own Cycling Australia Personal Accident Insurance.

The legal part aside – we’d love to have you join us on our long rides on the weekends, all you need is to be reasonably fit, have a roadworthy road or timetrial bike (we don’t ride as a strict bunch), spares, water and nutrition for the ride.


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