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Fail to plan and you’re planning to fail!  We offer training plans that take into account your individual goals and needs.  No two athletes are the same, and no two training plans should be either.  Every training plan we produce is individually customised to suit the athlete.

IRONMAN Certified Coach Aaron uses industry standard TrainingPeaks software to provide you with your training plan directly on your smart device.  Sync your Garmin or similar device to auto-update training plans, download specifically customised workouts to your watch to receive realtime cues.

Whether you’re wanting to train for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon, through to Triathletes wanting to plan a season, or get a training plan to work towards their first IRONMAN event, we can provide a customised training plan for your needs.

Training Plans include swim workouts, cycling workouts, running workouts, strength and conditioning workouts.  Access to ask questions via SMS or email.

All We Tri training plan athletes get free access to TrainingPeaks, and a customised programme.  Services offered are Online – Plan reviewed weekly, for just $30 per week.

Please note that all training plans carry an initial setup fee of $70 (covers your initial assessment and basic planning) and are payable 4 weeks in advance.  This means your minimum investment is 4 times your chosen plan, plus $70.


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