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We take an approach that takes into account your current level of ability, injury history, and goals to help you become a better runner.

You certainly won’t find a “one gait fits all” approach based off a current fad or famous runner, we follow best practices as per Athletics Australia guidelines.

We Tri Run sessions are conducted at the Sunshine Coast Athletics Track in Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. 

Run squads are held every Wednesday morning, starting from 5:15am with Coach Kate and Thursday afternoon starting from 5:30pm with Coach Aaron, running for 1 hour.  The price is $12.50 per session.

Note:  Track entry is covered by We Tri.

Gait correction and private sessions are held 1:1, 2:1 or up to 4 attendees in a semi-private arrangement.  Each session is focused on helping you improve your running to achieve your goals.  All sessions are about helping you be the best runner you can be, not to try and make you run like “xyz famous runner”.

The price for private sessions are $70 for 1:1, $80 for 2:1 and $30 per attendee for semi-private (minimum 3 attendees).



Please note that no cash is accepted at the track, we have eftpos processing facilities, and you can pay online when you book.

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