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We take an approach that takes into account your current level of ability, injury history, and goals to help you become a better swimmer.

You certainly won’t find a “one stroke fits all” approach based off a current fad or famous swimmer, we follow best practices as per Swim Australia guidelines.

We Tri Swim sessions are conducted at the Flinders Aquatic Academy Pool in Buderim, Sunshine Coast.

Swim squads are held every Tuesday and Friday Mornings at 8:45am, and Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings starting from 6pm and running for between 1 and 1.25 hours.  The price is $12.50 per session.  

Stroke correction sessions are a private session held 1:1, 2:1 or up to 4 attendees in a semi-private arrangement.  Each session is focussed on helping you improve your swimming to achieve your goals.  All sessions are about helping you be the best swimmer you can be, not to try and make you swim like “xyz famous swimmer”.

The price for Stroke correction sessions are $70 for 1:1 and 2:1, $30 per attendee for semi-private (minimum 3 attendees).

Looking for a membership?  Based on our extremely popular 6 week swim intensive, this is the membership that keeps you swimming year round.

Based off a weekly membership, (minimum 6 week term), you get a generous 30% off our 1:1 retail price, and no lump sum out of pocket expense.
1 x 1:1 session each week.
Unlimited Access to Swim Squads.
Unlimited Access to Open Water Swims.
1 x Written Swim Specific Strength and Conditioning Workout

Open Water Sessions are conditionally available 1:1 and 2:1 by special request only, and are at the participants sole risk.

Please note that no cash is accepted on pool deck, we have eftpos processing facilities, and you can pay online when you book.

Swimming Equipment

For your 1:1 or squad session you will require (click for info or to purchase):

Optionally also purchase:

DO NOT purchase :

  • Black speedo training fins.
  • Flat “chopping block” style paddles

All of this can be purchased from Area13 in Cotton Tree or online at www.aquashop.com.au or www.speedo.com.au 

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